SimCity Buildit town-planning machinery that’s exciting and engrossing

Being a die-hard fan of mobile games and freemium ventures, I couldn’t stop myself from playing SimCity numerous times. The game’s stunning visuals and ease of play appealed to me a lot. This is a free-to-play venture that omits some of the most common interferences, inconveniences and incongruities of similar city-building or stimulator games. I found it’s relatively easier to move or place structures and allocate spaces for public utilities and roads. What struck me as an excellent feature in the game-play section was the fact that it doesn’t entail any person-to-person enmity or clash, let alone criminal activities. Creating or solving acrimony or individual indifferences is neither the content or slightest purpose in this popular game. Your main objective is to build a metro with the best resources that you need to galvanize within a set timeframe.

Mayors Role In Game

You’re the central character in the game and really the only character doing the talks. I am the protagonist and player of SimCity and I essay the role of a town-builder and urban development boss. It’s the game-play that challenges you at length and your actions or inactions can turn the tide in your favor or against you. A very interesting aspect for me was that you can choose to become an antagonist as well. Now that seems to be sadistic or self-destructive right? Well, you have leverage to create and crush your own city, make the population suffer for your pathetic structures, planning and below per development. That’s another story as you will ruin your own game and destroying everything.

Most Likely Features of The Game

What I really appreciate about SimCity is that there’s no iota of violence or gross aspects in this game. Children of all ages can enjoy it. I found this aspect to be a good departure from other games of the same ilk wherein city-based town-planning and building games have this tendency of including violence and presenting bloodshed at its optimal best to gain more visual space and attention.

This game is a breath of fresh air in this regard as it shuns all such cheap and threadbare tactics to gain attention. Nevertheless, structures in the metropolis like factories and houses do burn or get destroyed, but the causes and scenes are totally different. They don’t show violence and bloodletting. The factors leading to these explosions are improper planning, faulty layout and maintenance, which you’re responsible of. It’s your job to ensure that you execute the planning as per your layout. Civil engineering facets at their best, you could say.

A very interesting aspect is the natural calamities. You have tornadoes, hailstorms and storms wrecking havoc and you can’t stop them. They can wipe out certain pockets of the city. The idea is to build the structures strategically and wisely, so that when these storms occur, the damage is very low or the population remains safe. The consumerism factor is another important point here. I found that SimCity doesn’t compel you to follow one roadmap only. You can get through it for a substantial period sans being compelled to spend real money. You can use the all new simcity buildit hack apk to get unlimited resources at the drop of hat. You don’t need to go for in-app stores and purchases.